We’re doubling in size!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re expanding our creative co-working space and doubling in size.

From Autumn 2017 we’ll have 4 new private studios to suit a range of ambitious SME’s. The new offices are suitable for 4-10 people, include extended 24/7 access and all the all-inclusive benefits you need to run your business and impress your clients.

Our Rooms

First Floor

  • Studio 1

    3-4 people, 250 sq.ft.


  • Studio 2

    8-10 people, 475 sq.ft.


  • Studio 3

    2-4 people, 200 sq.ft.

    £750 +VAT

  • Studio 4

    6-10 people, 360 sq.ft.

    £1250 +VAT

Second Floor

  • Studio 1

    3-5 people, 220 sq.ft.


  • Studio 2

    4-6 people, 260 sq.ft.

    £900 +VAT

  • Studio 3

    2-4 people, 180 sq.ft.

    £675 +VAT

All Inclusive


What People Say

  • I highly recommend @acollectiveHQ's co-working space in the centre of York, location and facilities are great.

    Orde Saunders
  • A welcoming, creative and modern working environment in the heart of York. A must for anyone looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.

    Nathan Vasey
  • What a place to work from. Really like the space, the people, the opportunities, chats and discussions. Glad I joined.

    Mike Leigh Cooper
  • ACOLLECTIVE is such a peaceful and inspirational place to work. I am meeting other creative entrepreneurs every day, and my productivity has increased threefold! Thank you!

    Amy Trumpeter

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